A rooster, a little umbrella and some olives break into bright colors to mark 

Riva Pianeta MixologyRPM in a word. 

Only experts in the field, and probably enthusiasts, know that the word cocktail 

means "tail of cock", which is thought to have been used to mix the ingredients in the past.

Colors, flavours, combinations and aftertastes make mixology an intriguing art, that has been seducing and fascinating thousands of bartenders. Could Expo Riva Hotel ignore its charm? Absolutely not!

RPM is a tangible endeavour to create and spread a true culture of "drinking well" and "drink mixed" framed within a careful selection of companies in the sector.

A fundamental prerequisite for truly inimitable and unique cocktails, Expo Riva Hotel hosts the most eclectic and talented ambassadors of the mixology environment to provide enthusiasts and experts with high level training opportunities and information on the latest trends, instruments and quality raw materials.

 RPM - Riva Pianeta Mixology is an initiative of Expo Riva Hotel Academy


A stand of approximately 12m2 including basic set-up: €500.00 + VAT

(Dividing walls, carpet, table and seats, electrical socket, graphics with the company name, bottle rack, desk).

Free services included:

Provision of 200 tasting glasses

Shared storage warehouse

Paid services:

Ice supply (from the ‘Ghiaccio Facile’ company)

Cocktail Bar

The creation of a paid bar area managed by RivaBar. The manager will acquire products for cocktails from the companies present.

Training Area

Seminars (silent class) with bartenders of international fame. 50 seats available.


Are you interested in becoming an exhibitor at RPM - Riva Planet Mixology?