Undisputed leader of the Food Industry, with its excellent food production, Italy brings the Made in Italy brand to the world. High quality raw materials, unique production processes and expertise acquired over the years, combined with an unprecedented communications industry, has in fact allowed Italy to establish itself at the top of the market.

In this context, Italian restaurants, patisseries and hotels must absolutely meet the very high expectations of their customers. Keeping up-to-date on new products, selecting the best suppliers and high quality raw materials is therefore essential to promptly respond to the latest changes, thus satisfying people's new eating habits.

Food & Equipment is the sector that, within Expo Riva Hotel, holds one third of the entire exhibition. It features two pavilions for a single exhibition itinerary displaying the whole tradition of Italian culinary excellence from fresh, preserved and dairy products to cooking, refrigeration and food preservation technologies. In short, a selection of the most important food realities in the HORECA sector together with catering and hotel equipment supply companies.

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