Two crossed keys are the symbol of the Grand Budapest Hotel, the quintessential perfect hotel from booking to hospitality, 

from breakfast to design, from rooms to integrated services. 

Hotel Management draws inspiration from such an ideal environment.

Trends, strategies and innovations are the keywords of Hotel Management, a platform where you can meet other professionals, share information and gain training opportunities in the field of Hospitality and Professional Catering.

Conceived and implemented in collaboration with the well-known hotel consulting company Teamwork, Hotel Management equals comprehensive, lifelong and itinerant training. The wide range of events presented by Expo Riva Hotel (63 in 2018) is in fact constantly integrated with training meetings at national level scheduled throughout the whole year.

Directed by well-known consultants and experts within the HO.RE.CA sector, the Expo Riva Hotel Academy appointments offer a privileged point of view on trends and innovations, therefore providing participants with specialized and high-level skills.

Hotel Management is an initiative of Expo Riva Hotel Academy